Why the ETF?

Why invest with ETF ?

The exchange Traded fund (ETF), also known as Trackers, are financial instruments issued by large international banks, which track indexes of any kind, offering a large choice in very major asset classes (equities, commodities, bonds...), countries, sectors or themes : it is possible to buy with a single ETF the US biotechnology sector , the Chilean index, a basket of commodities or the CAC40.

In addition, the ETFs expenses (around 0.4% on average) are very competitive.

What we offer

By subscribing to one of ETFWAVE offers, you can access all our transactions on our ETF portfolios, our daily indexes/ETF analysis and our weekly market comments.

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A question ?


Offer a very important diversification for investors because each ETF corresponds to an index or a basket (between 20 and 2000 holdings depending on the ETF)


Allow to reduce volatility and limit the risk (without eliminating it) compared to the holding of shares that requires a day-to-day monitoring with expertise in financial analysis.


Access to virtually all world indexes with ease and without additional cost (expenses of an ETF stand at 0.4% on average), on the basis of a classic securities account

"Diversify Your savings with ETFs, with access to almost every investment themes at a very competitive cost"

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