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Robot Allocator - 21/09/19

Portfolio performance (since 20/05/2016)

Portfolio performance
Megatrend Euro +19.0%
Growth Dollar +16.6%

ETF Analysis

Indice CAC40 (PX1): Bullish breakout looks now unavoidable

CAC40 (PX1) – 16/09/19
Short Term trend: Neutral (100/100)
Long Term trend: Positive

Nasdaq100 (NDX): Is this bullish restart credible?

Nasdaq 100 – 09/09/19
Short Term trend: Positive
Long Term trend: Positive

Stoxx600 (SXXR) : New bullish start inside the range

Lyxor stoxx 600 Net Return (SXXR) – 04/09/19
Short Term trend: Positive
Long Term trend: Positive

US S&P500: Volatile but without direction

US S&P500 – 26/08/19
Short Term strategy: Neutral
Long Term strategy: Positive

Buy, Sell, Watchlist

Arbitrages in our portfolios – 09/09/19

Arbitrages in our portfolios..

Arbitrages on our Alerts- 29/08/19

Our arbitrages on ETFs and stocks…

Arbitrages in our Growth Dollar portfolio – 08/08/19

Arbitrages in our Growth Dollar portfolio…

Arbitrages in our Megatrend Euro portfolio – 08/08/19

Increase in the share of cash in our portfolio Megatrend Euro…

Arbitrages on our Alerts – 24/07/19

Our arbitrages on ETFs and stocks…

Our Market Analysis

Our Asset Allocation strategy: 23/09/19

Equity markets were more mixed last week, with a slight increase in Stoxx600 (+ 0.3%) and a slight decline in the S & P500 (-0.5%). The quality values ​​have…

Our Asset Allocation strategy: 16/09/19

Equity markets rebounded last week, as bonds and gold fell. The most striking fact remains the very strong sector rotation, with the decline of…

Our Asset Allocation strategy: 09/09/19

We arrive at a crossroads, with a crash indicator that has fallen sharply over the week, to return to 50/100 (under 50/100 markets are…

Our Asset Allocation strategy: 02/09/19

Our crash indicator remains at a high level, at 64/100, in the correction zone after a brief passage in the neutral zone (which shows once again that we must not…

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