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Robot Allocator - 23/06/19

Portfolio performance (since 20/05/2016)

Portfolio performance
Megatrend Euro +16.3%
Growth Dollar +17.9%

ETF Analysis

Bastide le Confort (BLC) – Strong bullish potential

Bastide le Confort (BLC) – 25/06/19
Short Term trend: Positive
Long Term trend: Positive

US S&P500 : Breaking the roof?

US S&P500 – 24/06/19
Short term trend: Positive
Long term trend: Positive

China (CC1) : Rebound in process

Amundi ETF China (CC1) – 20/06/19
Short Term trend: Positive
Long Term trend: Positive

US Russel 2000 (RTYXXXX): Weaker than the S&P500

US Russel 2000 – RTYXXXX – 19/06/19
Short Term trend: Negative
Long term trend: Positive

Buy, Sell, Watchlist

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Arbitrages on our Alerts…

Our Market Analysis

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